Amazing Beauty Benefits of Filtered Tapwater


Many people believe that expensive hair products and miracle cures are the keys to beauty. High-tech serums and moisturizers can improve your skin, soften your hair and reduce wrinkles. Outward beauty begins within. This includes the food you eat and the water that you drink.

Your body experiences a lot when you drink filtered water. It can give you energy, help you focus, keep your metabolism going, and, most importantly, reduce your exposure to harmful contaminants in water. It could even solve your most difficult beauty problems (dark skin, thin hair, and brittle nails).

You probably know that the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), requires water systems in cities to filter and treat their water before distributing it. However, there are still many violations and some water systems may have contaminants that aren’t regulated by EPA. Additionally, water can carry harmful pollutants from your home to ruin your beauty routine and cause damage to your skin, hair, and nails.

A water filtration system installed in your home can remove most or all of these “beauty blockers” from tap water. This will allow you to look and feel your best, whether you are at home or out on the road. Here are ten amazing beauty benefits of drinking filtered tap water.

1. Younger, Healthier Skin

Gently pinch the skin of your cheeks. Are there any wrinkles or fine lines? Drinking enough filtered water can help to reduce the prominence of wrinkles and fine lines. Although filtered water will not magically erase wrinkles or smoothen fine lines, it can help maintain the skin’s natural elasticity.

Well-hydrated skin is able to be stretched further without causing damage, stretch marks, cracks, or other skin irritations. Hydrating your skin with clean water every day can help keep it looking younger and healthier, as well as enhance your complexion.

Your body will be able to process water more efficiently and keep your skin hydrated if there are fewer chemicals.

2. Brighten Your Skin With A Radiant Glow!

Want to learn the secret to radiant skin and beautiful bright complexions? It is as easy as drinking several glasses of filtered water each day. Filtered water doesn’t just remove contaminants and chemicals from your water supply. Filtered H2O also preserves vital minerals for skin health.

Clear and healthy skin is possible when you get rid of all impurities from tap water. Filtered water is good for your health and will help you look and feel better. Water also helps to flush out toxins and impurities.

A healthy, glowing complexion is possible when your skin is well-hydrated and any impurities have been removed. You can get even more results by adding lemons to your water. The

collagen-boosting vitamin A in lemons gives your liver an extra cleansing boost. Your skin will look brighter and more clear if your liver is healthy.

You can find our article on the amazing health benefits of lemon water.

3. Combats Skin Conditions Like Eczema

Eczema symptoms can be very frustrating. An outbreak can ruin your beauty routine and your day. Eczema and other skin conditions can cause a lot of discomfort and can inflame or disrupt the skin barrier. Chlorine in your water can make the situation even worse. The skin can become dry, itchy, and irritated from chlorine and other chemicals.

Filtering your water can remove certain pollutants that could cause skin irritations. This is especially true if you take a shower or bath, or swim in a chlorinated swimming pool. Filtering your shower water can also remove hardness minerals (calcium, magnesium) from water that could cause dry hair and cracked skin.

4. It Can Treat Sunburn

Even if you are careful about sun safety, it is possible to get sunburns that can be very severe, especially during the summer heat. The good news is that you can speed up healing by drinking lots of clean, filtered water.

5. For Smoother, Clearer Skin, Flush The Body

A buildup of toxins can cause skin problems such as dark spots, pimples, and blemishes. These unwanted toxins can be removed by drinking enough water. Regular bowel movements can be encouraged, which can lead to clearer skin.

6. Hydrates The Skin

Did you know that your skin cells are made up of water? Your skin, just like every other organ in your body needs water to stay hydrated. Your skin may dry quickly, become flaky and tight, which can be detrimental to your appearance. For proper skin hydration, it is important to drink filtered water. Some of us still love to swoon over the latest beauty products while others continue to drink sugary juices and drinks that can have a negative impact on our skin’s quality.

7. Stronger Nails

Healthy, well-manicured nails, like beautiful hair and skin, are an essential part of a neat, polished appearance. Hard water can cause nail damage. The nail bed is made up of many layers of keratin that are sealed together to create a solid structure. These nail beds can be broken down by hard water minerals over time. Your nails can become fragile and flaky if you wash them with hard water.

Hard water also dries out nail beds and slows down nail growth. Your nails can become weaker, thinner, and more discolored over time. Filtering your water before you use it will make your nails less susceptible to damage (chipping and splitting, cracking and peeling), and your nails can stay moisturized and healthy.

8. Combat Dry Or Sunken Eyes

Don’t be afraid to show off your full lips and show off your cheekbones. According to a study, both men and women rated eyes more important than hair, lips, or nose in beauty. This means that if your eyes are dry or sunken, it’s likely you will fall behind in facial beauty.

Red, dry or sunken eyes are the worst things for a beauty routine. These make you appear older, more tired, and less attractive. These issues can be easily avoided by drinking filtered water.

Sunken or dry eyes can be a sign of severe dehydration. Make sure you drink enough filtered water to keep your eyes healthy and shining. You may also experience red, itchy, or watery eyes due to specific contaminants in your tap water. This can cause irritation and possibly increase your allergy symptoms.

9. Helps To Prevent Hair Loss

Unfiltered water is not recommended if you are looking to lighten your hair at home to match your skin color or eye color. Iron in tap water is often responsible for the orange color of hair. Hair loss and dryness can also be caused by high levels of hardness minerals in your tap water.

Hair-bleaching products that contain iron, chlorine, and salt in water may have a harder time “lifting” dark hair pigments. The deeper tones will not fade completely if the bleach isn’t allowed to work for long enough. This could lead to your hair looking orange. Hard water can also damage hair follicles and cause hair to become dry, frizzy, and brittle. This could lead to hair breakage or hair loss. If this happens, there is no need to ‘whip your hair back and forth.

Filtering your water before you use it is the best way to avoid these unfavorable situations. You will be a blessing to your hair and beauty routine!

10. Maintaining Good Physical Health

The body is made up of more than 37 trillion cells, which are largely composed of water. It’s important to ensure that they get enough H2O. A good balance is a key to keeping you healthy. It can still improve your physical and mental fitness, and make you more attractive.

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