How To Make Your Guest Bedroom More Welcoming


It is always a little uncomfortable for your guests to leave their home comforts in order to stay as a guest in another person’s home, no matter if you’re welcoming close friends or distant relatives.


But, with a little thought and creativity, you can create the perfect, welcoming guest room for travel-weary guests. No matter your budget, there are ways that you can emulate the most luxurious hotel room, right in the comfort of your home, providing guests a place to relax. Let’s take a look at some ways that you can make your guest bedroom more welcoming.


Keep The Colour Tone Neutral

Adding splashes of colour and personality to your home is your right as the homeowner, but in your guest bedroom, look to keep the colour tone neutral. Guests may struggle to sleep in brightly decorated rooms, plus it’s much easier to add nice decorations and accessories to a neutral bedroom if you fancy a change. Remember, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever sleep in your guest bedroom, so choosing a neutral colour scheme means that it can appeal to all tastes.


If you want to add colour, do so with the addition of nice lamps, soft furnishings such as throws and scatter cushions and plants or flowers. If you have a white or cream colour tone in the bedroom, things such as wicker and rattan accessories create a nice contrast and emulate the decor of a luxury hotel. If the bedroom is a light grey colour, then create a modern sleep haven with mustard or deep green accessories.

Provide A Comfortable Bed

You want your guests to feel rested and comfortable during their stay, so avoid giving them an old mattress that you’ve had for years. Invest in a good quality mattress that will last much longer than the recommended 8-10 years, seeing as it won’t be used every day. Or, if your budget doesn’t stretch to a new bed, a good air mattress is just as good and comfortable as a new mattress.


As well as focusing on the mattress, look at getting some new bedding, pillows and fitted bed sheets, making sure to wash new pieces before adding them to your bed so that they’re extra soft and smell freshly washed for guests. Consider adding additional soft furnishings, such as throws, weighted blankets and additional pillows so that guests can make the bed more suited to their sleeping preferences.

Keep The Room Clutter Free

As they’re not used regularly, spare bedrooms can soon become a dumping ground for stuff that doesn’t really have a space in the home. Before your guests arrive, be sure to ensure that the room is free from clutter and give the room a good dust and hoover to get rid of any lingering dust and freshen up the space.


You should also look to resist the temptation to add collections of your own to the room, such as antiques or out of season clothes. If there are things in there that you wouldn’t expect to find in a hotel room, then get rid. Keep only the most useful items in the guest room.



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