Mark Roemer Oakland Looks Choices for Home Doors That Offer Security


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, the doors to your home are entryways and need to be secure to keep bad people from harming you and your family. If you aren’t confident in the security of your home doors, you need to take additional steps to make them secure. Let’s look at choices for home doors that offer security.

The Choices

1. Get solid core doors – As the name suggests, solid core doors have a thick central core and are highly resistant to extreme force. Unless someone is trying to break into your door with a battering ram, a door with a solid steel core should hold up quite well. Moreover, most solid core doors are made from fire-retardant materials that add an extra level of safety. You can also modify your existing door to have the same external appearance with a solid core.

2. Get a stealthy wide-angle peephole – Peepholes on the front door allow you to see who’s at the door and deny entry if they look suspicious. However, most peepholes have a small perspective and viewing angle and may not allow you to check on the people sneaking to the sides with weapons.

That’s why you should replace the existing peephole on your door with a wide-angle peephole that gives you a better view. It should allow you to see the entire entryway from side to side. It’s also important to hide that peephole from home invaders. For that, you may add a stealthy tinted film over the peephole that blends in with the rest of the door and hides the location of the peephole.

3. Invest in strong locks – If you’ve recently moved into your home and are worried about spare keys that may have gone missing, it’s an opportunity to get the locks of your home changed to something different and much stronger. Get locks that have multiple bolts pushing into the wall for better tamper protection.

4. Get internal hinges – Most homeowners don’t realize that the hinges to the doors are facing outwards. That allows burglars and home invaders to simply unscrew the hinges and move the door away without going through the trouble of breaking in with other methods. Check the door hinges and replace them with those that hang inside.

5. Keep the doors lit – Lighting plays a major role in home security. If the exterior of your home is brightly lit, you’ll be able to figure out if anyone is passing by or standing in front of it. This would deter most criminals. To keep the lights efficient and your energy bills low, get motion sensor lights that have a range limited to the entryway. This way, the sensors would kick in when someone’s at the door and turn on the lights. It’s also a convenient quality of life improvement for you when you return to your home.  


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you make the above-mentioned choices to make your home doors more secure. It’s best to make the doors that allow entry into the home more robust, with internal hinges and strong locks to keep home invaders and burglars deterred.

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