Refinish your hardwood floors, or revamp them with luxury vinyl planks

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Meanwhile, Phil Spencer said that giving your house a name could be a surprising way to give your house value a boost, and it will cost you nothing. Since the 1980s, the show has developed into a multiplatform media powerhouse. In addition to the flagship program, viewers can tune in to the spin-off TV show Ask This Old House, in which the cast helps homeowners with smaller-scale repairs and upgrades. Fans can also read This Old House magazine or follow the brand on Twitter, where the account cheerfully dispenses home-maintenance advice to 198,000 followers. Every program on HGTV arguably owes its existence to This Old House, which first turned home renovation and real estate into television.

  • Their quality of products and workmanship is unsurpassed in our industry.
  • This project, though, will require a lot of money, and you likely won’t get every dollar you invest back.
  • The work was done very well and completed in a couple of days.
  • Curb appeal entices buyers before they even enter your home.

The roof of the house is another critical area that should be given a full inspection at least twice a year and especially after a bad storm. Leaks and lose shingles should be taken care of right away, and the gutters should be cleaned to make sure rainwater runs down correctly. The real estate value will appreciate when your home is adequately maintained. House & Home Improvement Maybe you think that improving your home before it goes up for sale is unnecessary costs, but by neglecting to do the needed maintenance may lead to a loss in value of the real estate. When doing regular maintenance checks, you might notice a problem area that was not noticeable before which can help avoid structural damages to your property.

Through her design expertise, she provides decor lovers the tips and resources they need to create the home of their dreams. The average homeowner spent $8,408 on outside attachments such as porch, deck, patio or terrace improvements. It’s the need to spend additional time outdoors that’s driving the uptrend in this type of home improvement project. Indeed HHI were the company that pioneered roofline in Northern Ireland and extended ‘maintenance free’ to a whole new market. HHI have now grown into a multi branch company, covering all Northern Ireland with six branches province wide. Our mission as a company is to make the renovation process as easy as possible to ensure that our client has a great experience.

Ensuring that our properties are in good order is one of our long term objectives and is a key part of the ongoing 30 year major works improvement plan. If you are installing a sign you will require a sign permit. If the Home Occupation is in an apartment rental unit, a letter of permission from the landlord or owner of the property must accompany the application. Wastewater System hydraulic analysis of the receiving mains and the downstream system for capacity may be necessary. Design Calculations for the sizing of Wastewater service connection.

Can I release equity to fund home improvement projects?

According to the same Zillow report, simply painting your front door a darker color, such as black or charcoal, can increase your home’s sale price by more than $6,000. That’s pretty impressive, considering a can of paint typically costs less than $100. Although these jobs may seem less impressive than large-scale renovations, don’t underestimate how much the visual appeal of your home can affect its value. The color you choose to paint a room can have a major impact on how much your home sells for, as a recent Zillow report shows. To figure out how to improve your home’s energy efficiency, consider a professional home energy audit. Many gas and electricity providers offer evaluations that provide you with an energy score and tips for how to boost your home’s efficiency.

The crew showed up on time, installed the new roof, chimney flashing, and installed two new skylights in about 8 hours. They did a fantastic job of cleaning, and were very respectful. You will demolish and dispose of sections of the house that will be replaced by later projects. This is a huge undertaking that many homeowners overlook until the project begins, then they begin scrambling to make up for lost time. Then look at keeping it dry, which involves the roof, siding, and windows.

Shortly thereafter, I was contacted by Chief Operating Officer John Broich to let me know that materials for the job were being acquired and prepared so that an installation date could be set. Eventually that installation was scheduled and a crew came out to complete the job. Upon their arrival and inspection of the existing gutters and downspouts, they recommended that new gutters be installed with 2 additional downspouts.

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