House Renovation

Renovate With Rockwool


Digging out a deeper basement will give the house a lighter, extra open really feel. Loft conversions often require structural work, as the original house was most likely not built to carry the burden of a second storey. This implies that loft conversions are typically dearer than same stage extensions, however they are however usually the best choice to add dwelling space to a house, especially in denser, city areas. Other factors which may add to the price of a loft conversion include site access and waterproofing. This could be a great time to usually have your roof inspected and get any problematic areas fixed, and even have your house completely reroofed. Bathrooms are on par with kitchens – householders typically prioritise this house in terms of urgency and budget. You should plan on spending no less than £10,000 and up for a small to medium sized bathroom with mid-level …