What Is The Best Way To Clean Windows Without Streaking?

Cleaning windows is a significant part of house cleaning. If the windows are made of glass, it is more difficult to clean. While cleaning a glass window, any small mistake can create an unwanted scratch on the window. Therefore, you should be careful during cleaning glass windows. You can take help from the experts for window cleaning tips. There are some specific processes to clean windows without streaking. You should follow all the possible ways to clean windows without streaking. 

When you are cleaning your house windows on your own, you should follow the process given below. Here, we are providing the step by step process to clean glass windows without streaking.

Dust-Off The Window

First of all, you have to remove dust, loose dirt and cobwebs from the window. For this step, you need a dusting wand, a dust-pan brush, and a broom. With these items, brush down all the cobwebs, grime and built dirt. Next, you have to remove all the dry dirt and dust properly. Otherwise, it will create problems in the following steps. In the end, you can use a vacuum to clean the window sill.

Prepare Homemade Cleaners

There are different types of window cleaning solutions. It can be store-bought or home homemade. To prepare a homemade cleaning solution, you can mix a bit of dishwashing detergent and cold water. Also, you can use vinegar as the window cleaner. If you are using vinegar, you have to mix it with cold water as well. Prepare the solution in a large bucket for the next step. 

Start Washing

If you are using a store-bought product as your window cleaner, you have to spray it with a spray bottle and wipe it. It would help if you had a microfibre cloth for wiping. If you use homemade cleaner, dip the window scrubber or the sponge into the cleaning solution and rub the window in a circular motion. It would be best if you clean from the top of the windows down.

Wipe Out The Cleaning Solution

After wiping the house windows with the cleaning solution, you have to dry them. For this step, you need a squeegee to do it efficiently. Hold the squeegee at 45 degrees to the window and start at the top left of the window. You can use a cloth to dry the squeegee. You have to use the microfiber cloth after using the squeegee to dry the window completely. 

Clean The Window Sills And The Floors

In the last step, you have to clean the window sills and the floors. Some cleaning solution can be there on the window sill or the floor during cleaning. You can use a dry towel to clean them. Lastly, you have to rub the window with a microfiber cloth if there is any mark left.


For cleaning glass windows, you can hire experts. When you are cleaning the house windows yourself, you should follow the above steps correctly. You have to use all the items and products carefully to clean the glass windows without streaking. 

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