While there are many options for kitchen cabinets colors, glazes and finishes available to homeowners, white Shaker cabinets remain popular. This is what explains the popularity of white Shaker cabinets. It is probably a combination between the Shaker style of white and the color white.

Cabinets in Shaker style are a long-standing tradition

Shaker cabinets are modeled on the Shaker furniture from 19 th centuries. Even though the Shakers were creating timeless furniture that we now consider masterpieces of art, they did not have kitchen cabinets like us today. We can’t say that Shaker-style cabinets are an extension of an original design. The aesthetic is still consistent, with clean lines and no ornamentation.

This design gives Shaker cabinets a unique versatility that is unmatched by other kitchen cabinet styles. Shaker cabinets can be used in both a traditional and modern kitchen. Its versatility means it can withstand the test of time. This cabinet paint and design will not get old. Even if your kitchen is renovated in the future, your cabinets may still be functional.

White kitchen cabinets have a long history.

According to historians, white kitchens can be traced back to porcelain from the 1920s when it was associated with cleanliness and hygiene. This was a significant distinction in a time when modern conveniences such as food preservation and storage were not available. White has been a very popular color in kitchens and cabinets for decades, probably because of its versatility like the Shaker style. It is timeless and classic.

White brightens any space, which is particularly important in the kitchen. It is a clean, fresh color that encourages good appetites and high energy levels. Contrast this with an all-red kitchen. It’s difficult to imagine being comfortable in a kitchen with a lot of red, despite the fact that red is an appetite stimulant.

White kitchen cabinets, like the Shaker design will look great in any style of kitchen, be it traditional, modern, or minimalist.

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